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Thermal storage tanks

Electricity prices can fluctuate in exchanges across the 24-hour period, and a building heating system with a heat storage function can take into account the cost of energy resources at the time, which is important with the unprecedentedly high increase in heating prices currently. S plus offers low-temperature heating systems for buildings, with underfloor heating, radiators with a large heated surface area, etc.  An air-to-water heat pump connected to the atmospheric water storage tank developed by S plus generates the heat energy. The S plus heating solution includes S plus control software that regulates the heat pumps, keeping track of fluctuations in the electricity exchange prices for those using dynamic electricity rates. With the control software you will be able to adjust the heat pump’s operating mode, setting the working hours when exchange electricity prices are the lowest. This solution allows the residents of the building to save on heating bills.


Lower heat energy price
Ability to diversify energy resources
Selling energy at better exchange prices


What does heat generation with storage function mean?
Controlled operation of the heat pump, turning it on/off on demand, or when electricity is sold at a low price in the exchange, or at high solar radiation, with the goal of generating cheap heat energy and storing it in a thermal storage tank.
What purpose does a thermal storage tank serve?
If the heat in the building is produced by a heat pump, and the owner of the building buys electricity at a dynamic rate in the exchange, then the storage tank makes it possible to accumulate heat energy when the price of electricity is lower.
Does a thermal storage tank improve the efficiency of solar panels?
It does not affect the efficiency of solar electric panels; however, it does allow you to store cheap thermal energy gained during the day, for use at night.
Is it profitable to install a heat pump in combination with solar panels?
When choosing a heat pump as an alternative to an existing gas, firewood, or pellet heating system, you should expect an increase in electricity consumption, about 35% of the traditional fuel currently consumed in the building per year, in which case, the installation of solar panels is beneficial, with a reasonable time for this investment to pay off.
How much is the cost of the heat produced by the heat pump affected by the price of electricity on the exchange?
If the consumer buys electricity at a dynamic rate tied to the fluctuation of the price of the electricity exchange, it is important to produce the heat energy at the time of the day when the exchange price is the lowest, keeping the energy in the thermal storage, which can significantly reduce the monthly heating bill.

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